Carla Umbach / Publications

Carla Umbach & Umut Özge (in prep) Scalar and non-scalar comparison across categories: The case of Turkish equatives. See extended abstract of TbiLLC 2019 talk .

Recent publications
Carla Umbach, Stefan Hinterwimmer & Cornelia Ebert (2023) Depictive manner complements.
In Jedrzejowski & Umbach (Eds.) Non-interrogative subordinate wh-clauses. Oxford University Press.

Carla Umbach (2022) Ways of classification: German Art and Typ . In Brems, L. , Davidse, K., Hennecke, I., Kolyaseva, A., Kisiel, A. & Mihatsch, W. (Eds.) Type Noun Constructions in Slavic, Germanic and Romance Languages: Semantics and Pragmatics on the Move. De Gruyter Mouton.

Carla Umbach & Stephanie Solt (2021) Comparison via 'eher'. Journal of Semantics 00, 2021, 1–47

Carla Umbach, Stefan Hinterwimmer & Helmar Gust (2021) German 'wie'-complements: Manners, methods and events in progress. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory40, 307–343,

Gust, Helmar & Carla Umbach (2021) A qualitative similarity framework for the interpretation of natural language similarity expressions. In Lucas Bechberger, Kai-Uwe Kühnberger and Mingya Liu (eds) Concepts in Action - Representation, Learning and Application, 63-92, Language, Cognition, and Mind, Springer

Umbach, Carla & Helmar Gust (2021) Grading similarity. In Löbner, S., Gamerschlag, T., Kalenscher, T., Schrenk, M., Zeevat, H. (Eds.) Concepts, Frames and Cascades in Semantics, Cognition and Ontology. Concepts in Action - Representation, Learning and Application, 365-388, Language, Cognition, and Mind. Springer.

Umbach, Carla (2021) Evaluative Predicates beyond 'fun' and 'tasty'. In Daniel Gutzmann, Lisa Matthewson, Cecile Meier, Hotze Rullmann, Thomas Ede Zimmermann (eds.) The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Semantics. (final version)

Umbach, Carla (2019) Dasselbe oder das gleiche? - warum wir dann doch dieselbe Pizza bestellen können wie der Gast nebenan. ZAS Jahrbuch 2018

König, Ekkehard & Carla Umbach (2018) Demonstratives of Manner, of Quality and of Degree: A Neglected Subclass. In M. Coniglio, A. Murphy, E. Schlachter & T. Veenstra (eds.). Atypical demonstratives: syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Berlin, de Gruyter Mouton. (final version)

Umbach, Carla (2016) Evaluative propositions and subjective judgments. In J. van Wijnbergen-Huitink & C. Meier (eds.) Subjective meaning. Alternatives to relativism. Berlin, de Guyter. (final draft)

Gust, Helmar & Carla Umbach (2015) Making use of similarity in referential semantics. In H. Christiansen, I. Stojanovic, G. Papadopoulos (eds.) Proceedings 9th Conference on Modeling and Using Context, Context 2015, LNCS Springer (draft)

Hinterwimmer, Stefan & Carla Umbach (2015) Grading and Hedging by gewiss. In L. Alonso-Ovalle & P. Menéndez-Benito (eds.) Epistemic Indefinites. Oxford University Press.

Umbach, Carla. 2014. Expressing similarity: On some differences between adjectives and demonstratives. Proceedings of IATL 2013, MIT Working Papers in Linguistics. (draft version)

Umbach, Carla & Helmar Gust. 2014. Similarity Demonstratives. Lingua 149. 74-93. (final draft))

Umbach, C. (2012) Strategies of additivity: German additive noch compared to auch. Lingua 122 (15). 1843-1863. (final draft)

Umbach, C. (2009) Comparatives combined with additive particles: The case of German 'noch'. Proceedings of Sinn & Bedeutung 13, Stuttgart. (download)

Umbach, Carla, Ebert, Cornelia (2009) German demonstrative 'so' - intensifying and hedging effects. Sprache und Datenverabeitung (International Journal for Language Data Processing) 1-2/2009, 153-168. (download)

Bosch, P., Umbach, C. (2007) Reference Determination for Demonstrative Pronouns.
In D. Bittner (ed.): Proceedings of Conference on Intersentential Pronominal Reference in Child and Adult Language, Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft Berlin. (download)

Bosch, P., Katz, G., Umbach, C. (2007) The Non-subject Bias of German Demonstrative Pronouns.
In M. Schwarz-Friesel, M. Consten, M. Knees (eds.), Anaphors in Text: Cognitive, formal and applied approaches to anaphoric reference. Benjamins, 145 - 164. (download)

Umbach, C. (2006) Non-restrictive Modification and Backgrounding
Proceedings of the Ninth Symposium on Logic and Language, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 152 - 159. (pdf)

Umbach, C. (2005) Why Do Modified Numerals Resist a Referential Interpretation?
SALT XV Proceedings, Cornell University, 258 - 275. (download)

Umbach, C. (2005) Kontextbezug und Typisierung .
In: Bab, S. , Noll, T. (Hrg.) Models and Human Reasoning - Eine Festschrift für Bernd Mahr, Wissenschaft & Technik Verlag, Berlin, 257 - 282. ( download)

Umbach, C. (2005) Contrast and Information Structure: A focus-based analysis of but.
Linguistics. Vol 43-1, 207 - 232. (download)

Umbach, C. (2004) Cataphoric Indefinites. Proceedings of "Sinn und Bedeutung" VIII, Konstanz Linguistics Working Papers, 301 - 316. (download)

Umbach, C. (2004) On the Notion of Contrast in Information Structure and Discourse Structure.
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Proceedings of "Sinn und Bedeutung" VII, Konstanz Linguistics Working Papers, 310 -323. (download)

Umbach, C. (2002) (De)accenting Definite Descriptions.Theoretical Linguistics 27.2/3, 251-80. (download)

Lang, E. & Umbach, C. (2002) Kontrast in der Grammatik: spezifische Realisierungen und übergreifender Konnex. Linguistische Arbeitsberichte 79, Institut f. Lingustik, Universität Leipzig.

Alter,K., Mleinek, I., Rohe, T., Steube,A., Umbach, C. (2001) Kontrastprosodie in Sprachproduktion und -perzeption. In Steube, Umbach (2001) (eds.) Kontrast: lexikalisch, semantisch, phonologisch. Linguistische Arbeitsberichte Nr.77, Institut f. Linguistik, Universität Leipzig. (download)

Umbach, C., Grabski, M., Hörnig, R. (eds.) Perspektive in Sprache und Raum - Aspekte von Repräsentation und Perspektivität. Deutscher Universitätsverlag, Wiesbaden, 1996.

Umbach, C. (1996b) Interpretationssteuerung - Apposition und Typisierung. In Umbach, Grabski, Hörnig (1996).(download)

Umbach, C. (1996a) Termpräzisierung - Kontextuelle Steuerung der Interpretation durch Apposition und Typisierung. Dissertation,KIT-Report Nr.140, TU Berlin. (download)

Edited volumes

Jedrzejowski, Lukasz & Umbach, Carla (eds.) Non-interrogative subordinate wh-clauses. Oxford University Press, 2023.

Alexandra Silva, Sam Staton, Peter Sutton & Carla Umbach (2019) Language, Logic, and Computation . 12th International Tbilisi Symposium, TbiLLC 2017, Lagodekhi, Georgia, Revised Selected Papers.